Good Kid-Friendly Channels Every Parent Should Know

While YouTube is a solution to end the “I’m bored” chant, it makes you wonder whether there are kids’ YouTube channels, promising something more substantive that offers in-depth reviews of video games, and toy unboxing videos. 

Great news! YouTubers produce many insightful and exciting videos. Doesn’t matter if you have a toddler or a tween at home, some channels catch their interest for fun, and maybe even teach them something new secretly. A lot better, no? Much of the content is enjoyable enough to see a handful of moments as a family together. We’ve rounded 10 channels that broaden the YouTube horizons of your children and may inspire new animal, science, creative or geographical interests within them. 

An important TIP before we move on: Install the YouTube Kids app (or view it in your browser) to improve your YouTube experience. All you need is a high-speed internet connection to let your kids enjoy all of their favorite shows without any interruption. In case, you are in search of such a connection that provides lightning-fast speed, head over to check out Charter Spectrum plans. It provides reliable and secure services along with parental control options for a kid-friendly experience. 


Blippi is a toddler and pre-school children-focused YouTube channel, headed by The Titular Blippi. It focuses on early education and helps young children learn about the alphabet, colors, shapes, nursery rhymes, creatures, and other interesting stuff necessary for them to know about. 

Ryan’s world

Ryan’s World is one of the most famous children’s YouTube channels in the world with more than 24.7 million viewers (and counting). It is full of primary school contenthatch children love learning about.  You will find easy science tests, product reviews (mostly toys), cartoons, and even more, plus lots of silliness.


Older children and teenagers can appreciate the famous TED Talks on the kid-centered YouTube channel. Here, you can find short videos discussing fascinating science, technical and historic ideas, poetry, and responses to funny questions such as, “Where does all the poop go?”

Draw so Cute

If you’ve got a kid interested in arts, they will love this interactive YouTube channel, Draw so cute, which will teach them to doodle everything from pugs to their favorite characters. Ready-to-print coloring sheets can also be used for a fun-packed family activity.

BBC Earth

Click on the BBC Earth YouTube channel immediately if your children are into wildlife. For children of all ages and desires, there is a strong option of playlists that include the wild (animal struggles), and the really sweet (baby animals). Interesting articles on tiny and big animals, from fossils to budgies are often shown.

Kids Learning Tube

The name of this YouTube channel for children may not be amusing, but it is full of fun. There is material for both primary and middle school levels, whether they are interested in stars, asteroids, planets, or nature. The songs will get into their brain which means that they are at least learning something!

HiHo Kids

Much of it is about experiences on HiHo kids, a platform where children broaden their horizons – always with hilarity. It’s interesting to see how a learning cycle progresses, whether they seek school lunches from across the world, visit a bodybuilder, design their own fashion shows or even schedule special spa days for their mothers.

Slick Slime Sam

On this particular YouTube channel, there are thousands of super artistic DIYs and art. And, they are really creative: an incredible range of videos of hamster mazes and ecosystems and video clips from the hot cocoa combination with giant TicTacs. It would entertain even the most boring kid in your house.

The Icing Artist

Although it is presented by the woman, Laurie Shannon, an experienced baker. This Youtube Channel is sure to astonish the aspiring bakers (though not yet permitted near your ovens). Take the chance to seek some of her brilliant dessert recipes for a relaxing family outing.

Maddie Moate

The British YouTuber via her global (and at home) adventures, will encourage the children to become informed about technology, climate, animals, and technologies. During a tour, you can see how LEGO sets are created, have a peek at marine life beneath the water, or analyze the stuffed floor in your living space. Her amusing DIY concepts and inventions, such as freezing water through supercooling, and secret mystery soaps, provide a nice way to spend a day together.

Final Words

There you have it. Above, we have mentioned some of the best YouTube channels for kids that every parent should be aware of.  These channels not only keep your children entertained at all times but also provide a handful of knowledge to make their concepts in life clearer.  

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