Chetak Result Today: Live Update with Winner Name Revealed

If you are searching for Play India lottery Todays Chetak ResultMP Deluxe, Diamond Satta then you are in the right place. Theyvuaenws update all the Chetak Result update live daily in the morning from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM. We update Results every 15 minutes for our Active Users.

Chetak Result 02-09-2021 Live Update

Today’s Chetak Result 01-09-2021 has been out by the Play India lottery, the results are updated on our site as well. You can check the Chetak result, MP Deluxe, Diamond Satta result down below and you can also download the Chetak lottery result in JPG format.

chetak result 1 September 2021

Chetak Result Chart Today

9:00 AM1968750116
9:15 AM168135164198
9:30 AM45232251255
9:45 AM545767892538
10:00 AM894185472194
10:15 AM38178955426
10:30 AM528579814521
10:45 AM379654276778
11:00 AM972827655237
11:15 AM52705233167
11:30 AM839390708996
11:45 AM789436622441
12:00 PM80615214763
12:15 PM7592783779
12:30 PM60543952154
12:45 PM472133411690
1:00 PM13512781470
1:15 PM65297902554
1:30 PM2883141665
1:45 PM78543727441
2:00 PM307366798223
2:15 PM103054219666
2:30 PM536332657994
2:45 PM29776078833
3:00 PM11473022557
3:15 PM513348516488
3:30 PM94910897669
3:45 PM485275817090
4:00 PM331983766441
4:15 PM112828673119
4:30 PM55817233770
4:45 PM47810398754
5:00 PM862389155069
5:15 PM29854209665
5:30 PM40723824990
5:45 PM361148902512
6:00 PM499091963531
6:15 PM713566345891
6:30 PM97741489116
6:45 PM37838672434
7:00 PM6325796255
7:15 PM485672103251
7:30 PM12758832101
7:45 PM79833898578
8:00 PM55969170676
8:15 PM627730546115

How To Play Chetak Lottery And Earn 1 Crore

Anybody can sign up for Free Play India Lottery account and win mega prizes and lottery worth in crores. But before you do that you have to learn how to play the lottery otherwise you can lose all your money.

How to download Chetak Lottery Result

Once you learned how to play the Chetak lottery, MP Deluxe, Diamond Satta you need a website where you can see the results of your lottery you bet. You can visit daily, We post all the results and live updates from 09:00 AM To 09:00 PM.

We update the result every 15 Minutes and also provide the Image for downloading. We store the lottery results of the past 30 days so if you need any previous results you can find them in our website.

Is It Illegal To Play the Lottery in India?

No its is not illegal to play the lottery in India. 13 Indian States are allowed to play the All India Play Lottery and it’s completely legal. However, some states have banned popular lotteries, but they also promote their regional base lotteries. 

According to the latest updates, the Government of India also started to give lottery updates on their websites, which shows the government is not against lotteries.

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