Priyadarshini Narayan Lucknow: Slapped Taxi Driver Case Update

Its been three days since the video went viral in which a Lucknow Girl Priyadarshini Narayan was seen slapping repeatedly a Taxi driver Saadat Ali Siddiqui and misbehaved with a person who tried to resolve conflict.

Priyadarshini Narayan Slapped Taxi Driver Case Update

The Recent case update is: Taxi Driver Saadat Ali Siddiqui has lodged this FIR. against Lucknow Girl Priyadarshini Narayan under IPC sections 394 and 427 for allegedly robbing Rs 6,000 from the cab driver and breaking his Smartphone.

Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav case update

What Police did to Taxi Driver after the video went viral?

After the incident happened Saadat Ali was kept in lockup overnight, and the police took 10 thousand rupees for leaving the cab in the signal. Moreover, when his brother came to the police station to bail him, he also gets locked up overnight with him.

Lucknow Girl Priyadarshini Narayan beating taxi driver Photos 1

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On the contrary, police only fined Priyadarshini Narayan under section 151 for breach of peace. and, released after giving a warning.

Taxi Driver Explaining His Situation

Taxi Driver Demands From Police & System?

Lucknow taxi driver Saadat Ali Siddiqui told he wants action against the police to harass him. I want justice and self-respect. I’ve lost my self-respect because of this incident.

She also broke the car’s side mirrors, grabbed my phone from the car & smashed it into pieces, yet I was the one locked up overnight, and she gets released with a warning. Saadat Ali Siddiqui said.

Funny Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav MEME Accepting Truth.

Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav Allegations On Lucknow Taxi Driver

Lucknow Girl Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav alleges that Sahadat Ali was driving carelessly. The cab driver was about to crush her. And he abused her and tried to escape but the traffic police stopped him says Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav. Moreover, the Sahadat Ali brothers came to rescue near Awadh and were included in the incident alleges the Lucknow girl.

Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav Explaining Her Side

Who Is Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav

Recently a video went viral on social media where Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav can be seen slapping the cab driver Saadat Ali Siddiqui non-stop in the zebra crossing in Lucknow city Awadh. Continue Read: Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav Full Biography, Age, News.

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