Palang Tod Caretaker Cast And Crew Names (2021 Ullu Series)

When it comes to making erotic or drama web series Ullu came in the first place, So recently Ullu published Palang Tod webseries in their app which is going up in the charts and viewers are also liking this web series, so today we will tell you about who is the Palang Tod cast and crew names, roles, salary and many more.

Palang Tod Caretaker Cast And Crew

After the release of Palang tod caretaker trailer the fans were waiting to watch this erotic season, so this is the full list of Ullu App’s recent launch web series Palang Tod Caretaker Cast And Crew Names, Roles, Salary, and many more.

Palang tod caretaker is released in 2020 and directed by SSK.

Tarakesh Chauhan As Patient.

Simran Khan As Nurse.

Simran Khan As Nurse in palang tod caretaker

Simran Khan is playing the role of a Nurse in Palang Tod Caretaker.

Rekha Mona Sarkar As Wife

Rekha Mona Sarkar

Rekha Mona Sarkar is playing the role of wife in Palang Tod Caretaker.

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Lalit Dixit As Husband.

Sotryline Of Palang Tod Caretaker

A little storyline of Palang Tod Caretaker is about A girl who gets hired as a physiotherapist for an older man, so it will be interesting to watch how she will help the old man to endure his pain.

Palang Tod Double Dhamaka Cast And Crew

Palang Tod Double Dhamaka is released in 2021 and directed by SSK.

  • Rajsi Verma As Chachi.
  • Ruks As Chachi Sister.
  • Sagar Bhatt As Bhatija.

Sotryline Of Palang Tod Double Dhamaka

The storyline of Palang Tod Double Dhamaka is an Aunt get fascinated about her nephew because of her loneliness and even more, her sister was also trying for the same nephew, so what will happen next will be interesting to watch.

Palang Tod Mom And Daughter Cast And Crew

Palang Tod Mom And Daughter is released by Ullu in 2021 and directed by Nandita V. Kothari. 

Shika Batra As Saroj.

Shika Batra Shika Batra As Saroj in palang tod

Shika Batra is playing the role of a Mother Saroj in Palang Tod Mom And Daughter.

Shivangi Roy As Trisha.

Shivangi Roy As Trisha in palang tod

Shivangi Roy is playing the role of daughter in in palang tod.

Sachin Kumar As Mohit.

Sachin Kumar is playing the role of Trisha (Shivangi Roy) Boyfriend.

Storyline Of Palang Tod Mom And Daughter

The storyline of Palang Tod Mom And Daughter is a daughter who gets into a relationship with a guy who was living so happy life but the mother hasn’t get loved for years, so she started trying for her son-in-law to fulfill her desires.

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