Mastram Web Series Episode 1 Cast, Real Names, Roles, Salary

Mx Player is one of the biggest OTT platforms available in India after Netflix and Amazon Prime the main thing about MX Player is it is free to use for everybody, so recently they published a Mastram webseries on their platform, so today will tell you about Mastram web series episode 1 cast and crew, the real names of a Mastram cast, and many more.

Mastram Web Series Cast And Crew

Here is the full list of MX Player recent launch web series Mastram cast web series cast and crewMastram web series cast real name, and many more.

Anshuman Jha, Rani Chatterji, Tara-Alisha Berry, Kenisha Awasthi are some main lead feature artists in season 1 and along with this, there are other supporting actors. If You want to know more info about this Series you can check Subtitle

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Anshuman Jha as Rajaram.

Anshuman Jha Mastram

Anshuman Jha is acting Rajaram’s role, who wants to become an author of Hindi literature, so he wrote his first Hindi literature and took it to the printing press.

But the owner of the printing press refused to publish Rajaram’s book and said that there is nothing spicy or interesting in this book and if you want to publish your book, people who read it and give you money also give write something on drama and erotic.

Aabha paul as Padosan.

Aabha paul mastram cast

Abha Paul plays the neighbor role in the Mastram web series produced by the MX player.

Rani Chatterjee as Rani.

Rani Chatterji as Rani mastram

Rani Chatterjee playing the role of Rani in the Mastram web series, which sells chickpeas in buses.

Tara-Alisha Berry as Madhu.

Madhu in mastram

Tara-Alisha Berry is playing the main lead role in Mastram as Madhu.

Leena Sharma as Madhu Mother.

Leena Sharma as Madhu Mother

Leena Sharma is plating the role of Madhu Mother in Mastram Cast. Read More About Leena Sharma.

Nehal Vadoliya as Nanda.

Nehal Vadoliya As Nanda

Kenisha Awasthi as Miss Rita.

Miss Rita in mastram web series cast

Kenisha Awasthi is playing the role of Miss Rita, who is the one subject teacher of Rajaram.

Isha Chabbara as Bua.

Isha Chabbara as Bua in mastram cast and crew 2020

Isha Chabbara is playing the role of Madhu bua in Season 1.

Garima Jain as Indurekha.

Indurekha in mastram cast and crew

Garima Jain plays the role of famous actress Indurekha which is the favorite of every man in Mastram.

Ashmita Jaggi As Inspecter Gaytri.

Ashmita Jaggi As Inspecter Gaytri

Ashmita Jaggi is playing the role Inspecter Gaytri.

Harshita Kushwaha as Asha.

Harshita Kushwaha as Asha

Harshita Kushwaha is playing the role of asha in 3 episodes.

Amrita Das Gupta as Choti Bahu.

Amrita Das Gupta as Choti Bahu

Jagat Rawat as Mama.

Mama in mastram

Jagat Rawat is playing the role of Rajaram’s mama in Mastram.

Aakash Dabhade as Gopal.

Gopal in mastram cast

Aakash Dabhade is playing the role of Gopal, who is the best friend of Rajaram on screen.

Vipin Sharma as Durga Prasad.

Durga prasad web series mastram

Vipin Sharma is playing the role of Durga Prasad, who owns a printing press company where Rajaram publishes his stories.

Ravi Sharma as Vishambar (Madhu’s Father)

Ravi sharma as Vishambar (Madhu's Father)

Rajinder Sharma as Baniya.

Ambika As Pushpa.

Saurabh As Madhu’s Friend Boyfriend

Prakriti As Sapna.

Juhi As Banana girl.

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Some Most Searched Queries About Mastram Cast

Q1. Who Was Mastram?

Ans. Mastram is a fictional character of the 80s who wrote spicy romantic stories in his book’s.

Q2. Is Mastram a real story?

Ans. In the 80s, the Imaginary stories of Mastram gave wings to every boy, and it was the essential guide to graduate as men.

Q3. Who directs the Mx player web series Mastram?

Ans. Almighty Motion Picture direct the the Mx player production Mastram.

Q4. What is the genre of Mastram 2020?

Ans. The genre of Mastram is Drama, and Romentic.

Q5. What is the language used in Mastram?

Ans. Hindi

Q6. How many episodes of Mastram are there?

There is a total of 10 episodes of Mastram published by Mx Player.

Mastram Episode 1: Master Ji Ka Danda.
Mastram Episode 2: Khuli Bas Ka Suhana Safar.
Mastram Episode 3: Mallu Aunty Ka Malmal.
Mastram Episode 4: Sonu Ka Joban.
Mastram Episode 5: Baniye Ka Lollipop.
Mastram Episode 6: Madhu Ki Do Saheliye.
Mastram Episode 7: Vaibhav Ki Didi.
Mastram Episode 8: Bua k 26 Aasan.
Mastram Episode 9: Abhineteri Ka Nirman
Mastram Episode 10; Mastram Se Rajaram

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  • Mastram is a fictional character of the 80s who wrote spicy romantic stories with his book’s imagination.
  • In the 80s, the Imaginary stories of Mastram gave wings to every boy, and it was the essential guide to graduate as men.
  • The MX Player web series Mastaram 2020 published in the Hindi language under the drama and romance genre.
  • Almighty Motion Picture directs this web series, and the producer is the Mx player itself.

Final Words

This is the list of Mastram web series episode 1 cast along with this; there are other supporting actors.

I hope you like this content, and if you still have any problems with finding the Mastram web series character’s name, do tell us in the comments, or here will reply to you as soon as possible.

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