How Does Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offers Work? Full Guide 2020

Hello guys, how are you all so? Today we will talk about What is Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offer because nowadays this is one of the most searched questions about Flipkart and because of the Big Billion Days sales, Big Diwali Sales 2020 is going on on Flipkart, and there are many upcoming sales for Diwali and other festivals too, so people want more and more discount on the product they want so if you are looking for a smartphone then Diwali 2020 Flipkart sales are the best time to buy.

And today we will tell you what is the Flipkart exchange offer whether you should buy it or not, what is the main condition to go with this offer and Is this beneficial for you as it promoted by Flipkart and lastly we will help you decide whether you should go with this Flipkart exchange offer or not and if you make up your mind then we will help you. How can you exchange your phone at a reasonable price? And how you can get maximum by this offer.

What is Flipkart mobile exchange offer?

So if you are also waiting for Diwali sale 2020 and want to exchange your smartphone, now the first question is what Flipkart mobile exchange offer is? So this offer by Flipkart helps you exchange your old smartphone within your comfort to Flipkart and get its exchange value to buy a new smartphone; with this offer, you have to buy a new smartphone.

Otherwise, you’ll not get your exchange value, and while you buy a new smartphone Flipkart automatically reduce your exchange value with the current smartphone you are purchasing. Flipkart gives you the Maximum exchange value whatever Flipkart finds suitable for you. This maximum value reduces by Flipkart delivery boy, and is this exchange offer is as beneficial for you as it is promoted. I will cover it in the coming paragraphs.

What is the condition of Flipkart mobile exchange offers?

So by now, you have come to know what is this exchange offer, so now I will tell you what the main conditions of going with this offer are. So first of all, come to the smartphone page that you want to buy and then scroll down and click on Buy with Exchange and if that smartphone does not have an exchange offer, then this offer ends for you right there, or if your selected device has this offer to click on the select device, after clicking, some conditions will come up like if your mobile switch on or not if your mobile does not Switch on, then this Flipkart exchange offer is over for you, but if your smartphone switch on then you can proceed further.

So if your smartphone has been approved for an exchange offer from Flipkart, you are ready to exchange it at Flipkart price, then that price you have seen is the maximum price that Flipkart gives you and when Flipkart delivery boy comes to take your phone. If he sees anything damaged in your device, he will reduce your phone price accordingly and if you have to take that smartphone, which you have ordered. You have already given the money in prepaid to Flipkart then you have to pay the remaining money which delivery boy reduced from your smartphone or if you are not satisfied after the price deduction by Flipkart guy you can also cancel the exchange offer at that time and pay the full amount which was reduced by Flipkart or cancel that order.

If you have booked a smartphone under Flipkart exchange offer, then when the Flipkart delivery boy will take your old phone from you and if he gets to see a display broke or any damage in the body, then he will reduce the price of your phone accordingly, and If there are minor scratches in your display and small dent, then it does not matter much, but if the dent is deep, then he will cut the money.

How much your money will be deducted depends on your phone first and then on the delivery boy who will inspect your phone and if the delivery boy. If you are not happy with the final price that the Flipkart boy gave you, you can also cancel your order or pay the remaining money to take your new device.

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Is Flipkart exchange offer really good for you?

By now, you must have understood that what Flipkart exchange offer is and what is its main condition; then, the question now is whether this exchange offer will be beneficial for you or not; for this, you should ask yourself Do you need it? If your smartphone meets all the conditions of Flipkart, then you can sell your smartphone offline for a much greater price.

And when Flipkart’s boy will come to you to pick up your old phone and if they see a defect, then they will reduce the price of your phone, which will be a loss for you, but if Flipkart gives you more than you are getting in selling it offline then Flipkart will be the right option for you, but If your phone is selling offline at a higher price Flipkart, then it makes no sense to exchange it with Flipkart.

Pros And Cons:-

So if you are still confused about whether you should take this offer on not, then this is a list of the Flipkart exchange offer’s pros and cons


  • You don’t have to give your old smartphone box or any accessories while giving your phone to the delivery boy
  • You don’t have to find someone to buy your old device.
  • You can exchange your device within your comfort.


  • Sometimes you don’t get an exchange offer for your new smartphone.
  • Sometimes Flipkart doesn’t give you good exchange value for your device.
  • If Flipkart boy sees anything wrong with your device, he will reduce the price then that remaining price you have to pay right then or cancel your order.

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How to exchange smartphone with Flipkart

So by now, you must have understood how this exchange offer works and whether it will be beneficial for you or not; if you have understood all these points and you have decided you will go with this offer and exchange your old smartphone for New with Flipkart, then I am giving full guide here. By following this complete guide, you can exchange your phone in Flipkart with a Flipkart exchange offer.

And once you have selected your device, then that cookie will be stored in your browser or app so that if you have changed your mind to buy a smartphone now to come and buy it later then due to these stored cookies, you will not have to fill in all the details again to calculate how much Flipkart will give you in exchange. You can start from where you left, and if you also select another smartphone, then this cookie will be applied there too, so you don’t put your device details again and again.

  • First, select the device you want to purchase.
  • Scroll down the page.
  • Select buy with the exchange.
  • Fill in all the details Flipkart asks you to fill
  • Now you can see how much your old device worth.
  • Now it’s your decision whether you choose it or not.


So, friends, I hope you like this article and this information helps you clear your doubt about what is Flipkart exchange offer or is this helpful as such promoted by the company. If this article helps in your buying decision, do not forget to share this article with your friends to do so they don’t use it before knowing its pros and cons.

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