All you need to know about How Flipkart Smart Upgrade Work

Hello guys, how are you all today? So today, we will talk about the Flipkart Smart Upgrade, whether you should buy it or not, how it can be beneficial for your pocket, and whether the Flipkart Smart Upgrade is suitable for you or not. The advantages and disadvantages of buying with this offer, So today we will cover all these topics, so if you have any questions about this topic, then today we will try to answer all the questions popping in your mind.

How Flipkart Smart Upgrade Work

Flipkart Smart Upgrade is currently working only on the Samsung Galaxy F41 Device in Flipkart. Under this offer, Flipkart gives you an instant discount of 30%. To get this offer, you have to select this offer while adding the phone to the cart, but the primary condition of this offer is that you must have a credit card. 

With a credit card, either you give all the money at once or get EMI, but you cannot get this offer without a credit card. This is not the discount you are getting from Flipkart; this is the Exchange value of your Smartphone, which Flipkart is giving you as a discount at the beginning to exchange this Smartphone after 12 months in Flipkart or you keep it with you by paying its full money.

To get the benefit of this offer, you must have a credit card. You cannot take this discount without a credit card, and if you have an SBI credit card or debit card, you get an extra discount of up to 1500 rs on your Samsung Galaxy F41.

Note: All the prices are Mention here is only till the current offer didn’t change its price.

Or if you change your mind after a year that you do not want to exchange your device with Flipkart. In that case, you can keep it with you after paying the remaining amount of money to the company via Flipkart, and you can keep with you forever. If you exchange it to buy a new smartphone on Flipkart, then the exchange value will be the discount on your new device, so if you are someone who doesn’t use one Smartphone for more than one year, then this offer will be beneficial for you. 

This offer is not officially by Flipkart. This offer is listed by some third-party companies in Samsung F41 and has a tie-up with Samsung to sell Samsung f41 by this offer. This company let you use the Smartphone for 12 months. After that, if you don’t exchange it with Flipkart or you don’t give the remaining money to them, they will disable your Smartphone by using the Samsung security app, Unless you return the remaining money of the Smartphone to the company, or you exchange your Smartphone to buy another. How Flipkart smart upgrades us useful, and the advantages and disadvantages of this offer will be discussed in the next paragraph.

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Is Flipkart Smart Upgrade useful for you?

If you are one of those people who change their Smartphone within a year then this offer is specially made for people like you, This offer will be more beneficial for you than you sold your old Smartphone to someone to buy a new device and someone who change their Smartphone frequently have to bear more loss than this offer give you after a year, This offer is only applicable for Samsung Galaxy F41 so if you buy this device right now you’ll get flat 30% discount and extra 10% off with SBI credit card and debit cards. 

The current price of Samsung galaxy f41 is 15000. By using this offer you can buy it for 9800 rupees, and after using it for a year you can either exchange it to buy a new device, or you can pay the remaining amount of 5700 to Flipkart

And what you initially got while buying the Smartphone as a discount will change in value to buy a new smartphone.

But suppose you are in the mood to use smartphones for years. In that case, this offer is not suitable for you, you can look up to other discounted offers on Flipkart which comes in weakened or any special occasion.

But if your pocket can bear 1000 2000 Rupees loss and also you are

not sure whether you use this device after a year or not then you can also try this offer. Still, if you are sure that you will not change your Smartphone before a year or two, this offer will be a loss for you.

Pros and Cons

So if you are still confused whether you buy this offer or not, then this is a list of pros and cons of Flipkart smart upgrade, have a look at this, and you will clear all your doubts. 


  • Good deal for those who change their smartphones frequently
  • In the Upcoming Flipkart Diwali Sale, you can save up to 1500 Rupees with SBI Cards along with this offer.
  • Best offer for those who change their device frequently.


  • Samsung will turn off their device if someone doesn’t pay EMI on time.
  • Not everybody has Credit cards to get this offer.

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So, in simple words, if you change your Smartphone frequently, this offer will save you more money than you do on selling your old Smartphone the only condition here is you must have a credit card. Still, if you are someone who uses their Smartphone for two or three years, then this offer is not beneficial for you. So this is all you need to know about Flipkart Smart Upgrade. We hope we answered all your questions, and if we still missed something, please let us know in the comments, and if you like, this article shares it with your friends.

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